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                    用户在选购合规的反应釜 产品,进行使用前,需要多反应釜进行必要没有任何的检查。例如,检查釜内、搅拌器、转动部分、附属设备、指示仪表、安全阀、管路及阀门是否符合安全要求。  
                    加料前,用户应先开反应釜的搅拌器,无ω 杂音且正常的情况下,将料加到反应釜内,且加料数量不得超过工艺要求。  
                    业内提醒,蒸气阀门¤和冷却阀门不能同时启动,不锈钢反应釜 蒸气管路过气时不准锤击和那些所谓重要碰撞。另外,需要随时检查反应釜运※转情况,发现异常应停机检修。  

                Usage procedures
                Users need to check the multi-reactor before choosing and purchasing conforming products and using them. For example, check whether the kettle, agitator, rotating part, accessory equipment, indicator, safety valve, pipeline and valve meet safety requirements.
                After the reaction is completed, cooling is carried out first, and then the gas in the kettle is released to the outside through the pipeline, so that the pressure in the kettle can be reduced to normal pressure. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble under pressure. Then the main bolts and nuts are symmetrically loosened, and the kettle cover (or the kettle cover is raised) is carefully removed and placed on the bracket. Special attention should be paid to protecting the sealing surface during the process of removing the kettle cover. 。  
                In addition, during the operation of the reactor, attention should also be paid to the sealing problem. For example, for the sealing of ordinary materials, a small amount of leakage can be allowed, and packing seal can be selected; for corroded and non-leaking materials, mechanical seal should be selected.
                Before feeding, the user should first open the agitator of the reactor. Without noise and under normal conditions, the feed should be added to the reactor, and the quantity of feeding should not exceed the process requirements.
                Before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first, and then the intake valve. Open the steam valve slowly, so that it preheat the jacket, step up pressure, jacket pressure must not exceed the specified value; when opening the cooling water valve, first open the return valve, then open the intake valve.
                Industry warns that steam valves and cooling valves can not start at the same time, steam pipelines are not allowed to hammer and collide when passing air. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the operation of the reactor at any time and shut down for maintenance if abnormal conditions are found.
                The gasket or conical surface is used to contact the arc surface of the kettle body and cover. By tightening the main nuts, they are pressed together to achieve good sealing effect. The installation of valves, pressure gauges and safety valves should also achieve sealing effect by tightening the positive and negative nuts.
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